German Dog Names C-D

Your Great Dane is of German Ancestory so it is only fitting for them to have German Dog Names.

Name Sex Meaning
Caden Male German surname which is derived from a place-name meaning "fen" (marshy land)
Caedon Male German surname which is derived from a place-name meaning "fen" (marshy land)
Carl Male Variant of Charles a man.
Carleigh Female Freeholder (dignity for life)
Carlin Male a man
Caylor Female Variant of Scottish Keillor. Americanized spelling of German Kohler.
Chamyle Female Variant of Camille.
Charles Male A man. French variant of Carl adopted by the English since seventeenth-century reigns of King Charles I and II. British Charles Prince of Wales.
Cheryl Female Feminine form of Charles
Chlodwig Male Famous warrior
Chriselda Female Strong
Christofer Male With Christ inside.
Christoffer Male With Christ inside.
Clarimond Female Brilliant protectress
Clarimonda Female Brilliant protectress
Clarimonde Female Brilliant protectress
Claudelle Female Feminine of Claude.
Claudette Female Feminine of Claude.
Claudia Female Feminine of Claude.
Claudine Female Feminine of Claude.
Clotilda Female Heroine
Clotilde Female Heroine
Clovis Male Renowned fighter. Variant of Louis.
Cohen Male Allternate Spellings: Coen or Koen.Brave.
Conrad Male Honest advisor Brave: wise.
Conradin Male Honest advisor
Conradina Female Bold
Conradine Female Bold
Conrado Male Honest advisor
Cord Male Honest advisor
Corrado Male Bold
Cort Male Honest advisor

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Great Dane Genetics
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Name Sex Meaning
Dagmar Female Glorious day
Dagoberto Male Glorious day
Dagomar Female Glorious day
Darek Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Dearg Male Red haired
Dedric Male Gifted ruler. Variant of Diederick.
Dedrick Male Peoples ruler
Dedrik Male Peoples ruler
Dell Female Noble.
Della Female Bright. Noble.
Delma Female Noble protector.
Delmi Female Noble protector.
Delmira Female Noble protector.
Delmy Female Noble protector.
Dereck Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Derek Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Dereck Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Derik Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Derry Male Red haired
Deryck Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Deryk Male Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.
Deutsch Male A German
Dick Male Strong leader
Didrika Female Folk ruler
Diederich Male People's ruler
Diedrick Male Gifted ruler.
Dierck Male People's ruler
Dieter Male Gifted ruler. Variant of Diederick.
Dietrich Male People's ruler
Dietz Male People's ruler
Dirk Male People's ruler Wealthy. Variant of Derek and Dietrich.
Dolphus Male Abbreviation of Adolphus noble wolf.
Drud Male Strong
Drugi Male Strong
Dutch Male A German
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