German Dog Names A-B

Your Great Dane is of German Ancestory so it is only fitting for them to have German Dog Names.

Name Sex Meaning
Ada Female Joyful
Adal Male Noble
Alisz Female Sweet
Adalwin Male Noble Friend
Adalwolf Male Noble Wolf
Adelaide Female Sweet or noble
Adele Female Pleasant
Adelina Female Sweet or noble
Adeline Female Sweet: of the nobility. Noble.
Adelisa Female Of the nobility. Noble.
Adelyte Female Has good humor
Adette Female Sweet or noble
Adolfo Male Noble wolf.
Agustine Male Majestic dignity: grandeur.
Ahren Male Eagle
Ailbe Male Intelligent or noble
Aili Female Sweet
Ailse Female Sweet
Albert Male Intelligent or noble
Alberta Female Noble: bright. Feminine of Albert.
Albertina Female Noble: bright. Feminine of Albert.
Albertyne Female Intelligent
Albrecht Male Intelligent or noble
Altmann Male Wise man
Alvar Male Truth-speaker or guardian.
Alvaro Male Truth-speaker or guardian.
Alvin Male Noble friend
Alyda Female Archaic
Amalasand Female Industrious
Amalasanda Female Industrious
Amald Male Power of an eagle
Ame Male Eagle
Amery Male Divine
Arabella Female Eagle heroine
Armando Male Army man. Variant of Herman.
Augustine Male Majestic dignity: grandeur.

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Great Dane Genetics
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Name Sex Meaning
Baldemar Male Princely
Baldhart Female Bold or strong
Baldric Male Bold
Baldwin Male Bold friend
Ballard Female Bold or strong
Baltasar Male Protected by God
Barnard Male Variant of Bernard - strong as a bear.
Bathilda Female Heroine
Bem Male Bear
Bemadette Female Has the courage of a bear
Bemelle Male Variant of Bernard - strong as a bear.
Bemot Male Brave as a bear.
Benat Male Brave as a bear.
Ber Male Bear
Berchtwald Male Bright ruler
Berdina Female Glorious
Berdine Female Glorious
Berdy Male Intelligent
Berend Male Brave as a bear.
Berinhard Male Brave as a bear.
Berit Female Intelligent
Berlyn Male Son of Berl.
Berowalt Male Mighty as a bear
Berrin Male Bear
Berta Female Intelligent
Bertha Female Intelligent; Bright
Bing Male From the kettle shaped hollow
Binga Female From the kettle shaped hollow
Bittan Male Desire
Blasa Female Firebrand
Brandeis Male Dwells on a burned clearing
Bruno Male Brown
Burhardt Male Strong as a castle
Burlin Male Son of Berl
Burnard Male Variant of Bernard strong as a bear.
Burnell Male Variant of Bernard strong as a bear.
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