German Dog Names I-J

Your Great Dane is of German Ancestory so it is only fitting for them to have German Dog Names.

Name Sex Meaning
Ida Female Active
Idaia Female Active
Idalie Female Active
Idetta Female Hard working
Idna Female Active
Ilsa Female Abbreviation of Elizabeth.
Ilyse Female Noble
Immanuel Male Variant of Emanuel With us is God.
Ingall Male Angel
Ingalls Male Angel
Ingel Male Angel
Ingelbert Male Bright angel
Irma Female War goddess
Irmgard Female War goddess
Irmigard Female War goddess
Irmina Female War goddess
Irmine Female War goddess
Irmuska Female War goddess
Isa Female Strong willed
Isana Female Strong willed
Isane Female Strong willed
Isolda Female Rule of ice
Isole Female Rule of ice
Izaak Male Laughter

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Great Dane Genetics
Great Dane Genetics
Heat Exhaustion And HeatStroke
Heat Exhaustion and Heat stroke is an emergency and requires immediate treatment. Because dogs do not sweat (except to a minor degree through their foot pads), they do not tolerate high environmental temperatures as well as humans do. Dogs depend upon panting to exchange warm air for cool air. But when air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by panting is not an efficient process.

Name Sex Meaning
Jaecar Male Hunter
Jakob Male German form of Jacob
Jakoba Female Feminine form of Jakoh
Jakobe Female Feminine form of Jakoh
Jakobie Female Feminine form of Jakoh
Jansen Male Variant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor.
Jantis Male Sharp spear
Jarman Male A German
Jantis Male Sharp spear
Jarman Male A German
Jarmann Male A German
Jay Male Swift
Jaye Male Swift
Jesaja Male God will help.
Johan Male German form of John
Johann Male Variant of the Hebrew John Jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor.
Johanna Female German form of Joanna
Johannah Female Variant of Joan
Johannes Male German form of John
Jolan Female CountIy
Jolanka Female CountIy
Joli Female CountIy
Josef Male German form of Joseph
Josefa Female Feminine of Joseph.
Jurgen Male German form of George

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