German Dog Names U-Z

Your Great Dane is of German Ancestory so it is only fitting for them to have German Dog Names.

Name Sex Meaning
Ubel Male Evil
Uli Male Noble leader
Uli Female Mistress of all
Ulka Female Mistress of all
Ulla Female Has willpower
Ulrica Female Mistress of all
Ulrich Male Noble leader
Ulrike Female Mistress of all
Ulz Male Noble leader
Valborga Female Protecting ruler
Valdemar Male Famous ruler
Valdemarr Male Famous ruler
Vanda Female Wanderer
Vande Female Wanderer
Vernados Male Courage of a bear
Verena Female Protector
Verene Female Protector
Verina Female Protector
Viheke Female Protector
Vollny Male People's spirit
Volker Male People's guard
Volney Male People's spirit
Von Male The prefex Von is equivalent of Van in Dutch names and of de in French names.
Wagner Male Wagon maker
Walborgd Female Protecting ruler
Walda Female Ruler
Waldemar Male Famous ruler
Waldemarr Male Famous ruler
Walden Male Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald.
Waldhramm Male Ruling raven
Waldhurga Female Protecting ruler
Waldifrid Male Peaceful ruler
Waldmunt Male Mighty protector
Waldo Male Powerful. Abbreviation of Oswald.
Waldrom Male Ruling raven
Waldron Male Ruling raven
Walfred Male Peaceful ruler
Walfrid Male Peaceful ruler
Wallace Male A Welshman
Wallache Male A Welshman
Waller Male Army ruler
Wally Male Variant of Walter rules: conquers.
Walmond Male Mighty protector
Walt Male Variant of Walter rules: conquers.
Walten Male Ruler
Walter Male Powerful ruler
Wanda Female Wanderer
Wande Female Wanderer
Wandy Female Wanderer

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Name Sex Meaning
Warda Female Guardian
Waren Male Loyal
Warenhari Male Defending warrior
Warner Male Defending warrior
Warren Male Loyal
Webber Male Weaver
Weber Male Weaver
Welda Female Ruler
Wendale Male Traveler: wanderer.
Wendall Male Traveler: wanderer.
Wendel Male Traveler: wanderer.
Wendell Male Traveler: wanderer.
Werner Male Defending warrior
Wido Female Warrior maiden
Wilbart Male Resolute or brilliant
Wilber Male Willful: bright.
Wilbert Male Resolute or brilliant
Wilbur Male Resolute or brilliant
Wilburn Male Willful: bright.
Wilburt Male Resolute or brilliant
Wilda Female Untamed
Wilde Female Untamed
Wilford Male Desires peace.
Wilhelm Male German form of William
Wilhelmina Female Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William.
Willamar Male Resolute or famous
Willaperht Male Resolute or brilliant
Willard Male Bold: resolute.
William Male Resolute protector: will. For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquer's name. William. The firstborn son of Prince Charles is named William.
Williamon Male German form of William
Williams Male Resolute protector: will. Surname.
Willifrid Male Resolute or peaceful
Willimod Male Resolute spirit
Willis Male Resolute protector: will. Surname.
Wilmar Male Resolute or famous
Wilma Female Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William.
Wilmer Male Resolute or famous
Windell Male Traveler: wanderer.
Winifred Female Peaceful friend
Winifreda Female Peaceful friend
Winola Female Gracious friend
Wolfgang Male Advancing wolf
Wolfric Male Wolf ruler
Wolfrick Male Wolf ruler
Xiomar Male Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar.
Yseult Female Ruler of ice
Zacharia Male Jehovah has remembered.
Zelig Male Happy

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